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Created by Patrice Moullet, DELTA ISIS 3D is an adaptable and modular multimedia sculpture that offers an alternative to the traditional methods of diffusing image, light and sound.

A tripod structure composed of 3 masts 32.8 feet high, spaced 39.3 feet apart at their bases and united on top to form 3 arches and a shared roof 8.2 feet tall.

The unit of 3 deltoid planes is stayed, allowing for an installation of a complex network of screens made of different materials, from the tripod base to the summit section, the junction of the masts. Different light and image projectors are placed on the stays in order to activate the light dimension on multiple receptor facets of the DELTA ISIS 3D.

The shared roof of the 3 planes serves as a support for a series of plasma screens measuring 100 cm diagonally, placed 8.2 feet high in a horizontal row on each of the 3 sides, for a visible effect of repetition. 6 speakers with 3 tracks are placed in the structure. The OMNI sculpture-instrument is set on the ground, in the center, under the 3-arch roof. 


As the DELTA ISIS 3D is set only on 3 supports, it allows visitors to move freely under its structure: the spectator can “live within” the Delta.

A continuous evolving computer-generated sound with 6 real multi-diffusion tracks serves as the reception for the visitors, who can discover the light-image space around them, which corresponds to the music being played.

The OMNI sculpture instrument is located on the ground under the vertical axis of the junction of deltoid planes, the center of the sculpture. It features 108 “keys” in 108 different colors, allowing the visitors to “direct” 108 video-sound-light configurations on the entire sculpture.

108 scene designs with a choice of video and light images, each with its own specific musical theme. Each video-music-light world of the DELTA ISIS 3D is triggered by simply touching one of the 108 “keys” of the OMNI.

INSTRUMENTARIUMOMNI and/or Dodécaèdre © Patrice Moullet

SOUND© Patrice Moullet, 

IMAGES© François Paolini






Images dessus :  DELTA  3D création Patrice MOULLET

Image dessous : Création François PAOLINI : Photo-graphisme intégrant le Delta 3D






- Two artistic and cultural vocations to combine into one.

- Sensitivity, professionalism and the references of renowned and experienced audio and visual artists.


- In 2002, Paolini discovers the world of Moullet and his Musical and Multimedia Workshop Experience via the Rudra Béjart school-workshop.

- Via the Citypercussion collective, Paolini meets Moullet on May 4, 2006.

- After listening to the albums Rock sous la Dalle, En attendant Noë and Quarks, Paolini decides to (re)work a selection of images and layouts of his photographs of Paris-La Défense, Las Vegas and New York to present them to Moullet.

- On May 17, Paolini suggests the possibility of working together with Moullet on a project that he calls ISIS (© Installation Sounds Images Synthesis) in the form of a diptych that can include an audio and visual installation and perhaps a concert.


- On June 7, 2006, Moullet and Paolini decide to unite their experiences, skills and sensitivities to create ISIS, which would become their shared project. Moullet then asks Paolini to add his images to the IMOS project (Omni Monumental Installation + Stretch + Satellight).

- On June 13, Paolini and Moullet dream up interactive possibilities between images and digital sounds materialized in a more innovative way on more creative supports than simple plasma or LED screens. At the same time, Paolini creates the corporate communication support for the OEH program (Omni-Enfance-Handicap) for Moullet.

- On June 30, Moullet finalizes the digitized sketch of the first prototype of the DELTA ISIS 3D multimedia sculpture.

- October 9, 2006 marks the virtual commencement of the symbiosis between Paolini’s images and Moullet’s DELTA ISIS 3D in the form of a project presentation DVD. 

- On October 12, less than a week later, Paolini and Moullet merge the DELTA ISIS 3D and Paolini’s images together once again for the ISIS / BEJART BALLET LAUSANNE Fusion DVD.